The Product

The plan includes a Return of Premium, credited the 10th year, equal to almost 2 years of premium.
The plan includes an FPAR account, currently paying 3%, with a minimum lifetime guarantee of 2%, compounded daily and credited monthly, no minimums or maximum, and no fees or surrender charges.  All the advantages of an annuity and savings account, but none of the disadvantages.
The plan includes a Service Option allowing premium allocation to a top performing mutual funds with a 84-year history with over 11% growth. This provides the maximum cash back at age 65.
The plan includes Protection Benefits for the unexpected.  If you were to become ill, disabled, or die prematurely, TAX FREE money is provided to self complete the plan to age 65.  This insures the cash back is there at age 65.
Additional Information
The Cash Back Guarantee (aka The Flex Plan) often gets compared to other types of insurance products that promote the ability to accumulate money.  While the product does have an insurance component that is where the similarities end.  We stacked up the plan against a couple of the most popular comparison products.  To view this in pdf click here.
People often ask us how can The Cash Back Guarantee out performs other insurance products.  We believe what one company can do for you an alliance of companies can do better.  So, instead of an insurance company building a product focused on profit, we built a consumer oriented product, then found companies willing to provide the specific components to make it happen.