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SAVE: The plan includes an FPAR account that pays a current rate of 3%, guaranteed to never be lower than 2%, compounded daily and credited monthly, with no fees or surrender charges.  All the advantages of an annuity and savings account, but none of the disadvantages.

INVEST: The plan includes a Service Option that allows you to send your money to an investment account of your choice.  If you do not have an investment account, this option provides access to top performing mutual funds with a 62-year history with over 10% growth.

PROTECT: The plan includes Protection Benefits for the unexpected.  If you were to become ill, disabled, or die prematurely, TAX FREE money is provided to fund the rest of your plan to age 65.  This insures your retirement nest egg will still be there for you and your loved ones, no one burdened with your final expenses for burial.

GUARANTEED: The plan includes a Time Deposit that is credited in the first year, and matures at the end of the 10th year.  It is guaranteed to pay you 260% of your original deposit, which is equivalent to 10% growth per year for 10 years.

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Independent Producing Agent

The Independent Producing Agent (IPA) opportunity is for an individual or group who wish to add FreedomFlex to their portfolio of products but do not want or require specialized coaching or training.


Retirement Planning Specialist

The Retirement Planning Specialist (RPS) opportunity is for an individual or group who wish to add FreedomFlex to their portfolio of products but do want or require specialized coaching or training for developing a professional financial service firm.


Account Executive

The Account Executive (AE) opportunity is for individual or group who would like a franchise type opportunity to build a business with high 6 figure potential.  In addition, the AE receives an  Exclusive Product, Exclusive Territory, and Exclusive Coaching & Training.


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