The crisis

    Americans are just not preparing for retirement.  Current statistics show that 45% of working people have less than $10K in savings.  Americans believe it is important and want to do something, but are just not being effectively assisted.





    The Solution

    The FreedomFlex is the all-in-one financial solution to the crisis.  Most Americans want a simplified solution that gives them the advantages and access they desire.  The plan was built for the people by the people.  There is no other solution like it.





    The Difference

    FreedomFlex is different than any other insurance product on the market, because it was not built by an insurance company.  It was built so that the client can achieve the maximum growth by providing access to rates and accounts normally only available to the wealthy.







FlexCoaching was established with the goal of helping bring real training and solutions to  independent insurance agents and agencies.  We partnered with The American Associations of Government and Private Employees to exclusively deal with their FreedomFlex product.  FlexCoaching performs all the recruiting, hiring and training of Independent Agents (IPA), Retirement Planning Specialists (RPS), and Account Executives (AE) for The Associations.

FlexCoaching and The Associations’ success are based on five operating principles:

  • Help the average American achieve financial independence at retirement.
  • Develop and maintain long-term relationships with Account Executives, Retirement Planning Specialists, and client companies.
  • Help IPA’s, RPS’, and AE’s achieve their career and income goals.
  • Attain growth without sacrificing profitability.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and integrity.