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IUL Retirement Disaster Looms.

Mar 7, 17 • NewsNo Comments

Equity Indexed Universal Life Policies are complicated products designed to help insurance companies compete in a marketplace where consumers have easy access to a large variety of investment options.  The days of whole life policies being able to provide the growth that satisfies consumers are... Read More

Tax Free Life Income Stream

Feb 9, 16 • NewsNo Comments

In our 4th installment on Indexed Universal Live (IUL) we will answer the million dollar question, “Will I actually achieve the growth they illustrate?”.  This question is rarely asked, all the while thousands of policies are commonly sold under a false pretense.  In fact, their... Read More

In an IUL… Are You Protected?

Feb 4, 16 • NewsNo Comments

In our 3rd week on Indexed Universal Live (IUL) we will answer the question “Are you protected?”.   This question may seem very basic when it comes to life insurance because we assume if I have a policy I am protected. Like many words in the English language protection can have different... Read More

Do IUL policies provide any guarantees?

Nov 17, 15 • NewsNo Comments

This question, first in our series on Indexed Universal Life Policies, should be asked by everyone when an insurance policy sounds too good to be true.  While the agents that sell these policies will often answer yes, the real answer is more cloudy than a rainy day in Seattle.  It is time to... Read More

IUL – Friend or Foe

Nov 11, 15 • NewsNo Comments

There has been a lot of press lately about Indexed Universal Life Policies (IUL).  We have covered a couple of these stories in our recent blog posts.  In an effort to remove a veil that looms over these types of policies, we decided to answer some of the questions that are often asked about... Read More

Spend Now or Save for Later?

Nov 2, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Another great article for your reading pleasure, this one was in USA Today.  This is most likely the greatest obstacle for people to overcome when it comes to saving for retirement.  We now live in a world of instant gratification and it is hard to make sacrifices now for gains in the future.... Read More

More Bad News for Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

Sep 25, 15 • NewsNo Comments

In our previous blog post we discussed how insurance companies are deceiving both agents and potential policyholders with Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy illustrations and the misleading policy provisions.  Recent news further confirms industry suspicion. The National Association of Insurance... Read More

Retirement Disaster Looms for Universal Life Policy Holders

Sep 23, 15 • NewsNo Comments

For yeas insurance companies have been selling snake oil, to both insurance agents and the public, in the form of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies.  Utilizing deceptive selling and recruiting strategies, combined with unrealistic accumulation illustrations, they have conned thousands of... Read More

Retirement Gaps and How to Protect Them

Jun 11, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Today I wanted to quickly review an article from Forbes last week.  Their research uncovered seven retirement gaps people often overlook in their retirement planning.  I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight those seven and how we help cover those gaps with our Retirement Planning... Read More

What retirement looks like if you wait to start saving.

Jun 3, 15 • NewsNo Comments

The Huffington Post published an article a few weeks back examining why putting off saving for retirement is a bad idea.  Recent statistics show that young people are waiting till their 30’s to begin funding their retirement.  This delay can be very costly mistake.  A recent poll discussed... Read More