Independent Agent


The Independent Producing Agent ( IPA ) opportunity is for an individual or group who wish to add FreedomFlex to their portfolio of products but do not want or require specialized coaching or training.

Licensing & Contracting




Recommended course for your state license exam click here.


To obtain your temporary license click here.

The American Associations of Government & Private Employees and its affiliate companies, acknowledge that you have expressed an interest in becoming an Independent Producing Agent (IPA) for The Associations.

This document’s purpose is to clarify the initial guidelines of what is required to become an Independent Producing Agent (IPA).

The IPA candidate will:

  • Be responsible for completing all state insurance licensing requirements and costs. No commissions will be paid unless a license is maintained.
  • Be responsible for completing all online training.
  • Maintain a minimum enrollment average of one app per week (or four per month) in order to receive advanced commissions.
  • Must never go 60 days with out writing business or contract will be terminated for no activity.

RPS Candidate Signature


  1. Review the example contracting paperwork.
  2. Download the contracting paperwork.
  3. Please print and fill it out.
  4. Submit the completed and legible document.


  • When contracting a sub account the are specific items in the contract you must fill out as the overseeing manager.
  • Review the sample to learn out to fill out the contract for a sub account.


  • Email:
  • Fax: 714-505-1116
  • Mail: Interstate Specialty Marketing 17722 Irving Blvd. Tustin, CA 92780
Quick Start Training
1: Perform an AssessmentStep 2: Provide An Estimate3: Present the Plan4: Submit The Application5: Deliver The Policy

The assessment is phase one of an easy marketing approach method.  It has been tested and utilized for over 15 years as a successful way to set an appointment. It is designed to peak the prospect’s interest and allows them to opt in for an estimate.  It works best when a surveyor asks the prospect the questions in person.  Below is a general script that can be used to perform an assessment.


Retirement AssessmentHello (prospect’s name), this is (your name) with (business name).  We are performing retirement assessments on currently working individuals to see how they are preparing for retirement.  Do you have one minute to complete a six question assessment?

(download the survey)


Current Client

This is (your name) with (business name), we (service you provided them) this past year.  I am calling you because we know that many of our clients are not saving and accumulating any money for retirement.  We also know, at best, social security will only provide you with half of your current income for retirement.  So, we are performing retirement assessments on all our clients to see how they are preparing for retirement, and see if there is anything we can do to help.  Do you have one minute to complete a six question assessment?

The estimate is the second part of the marketing system.  It is designed to follow up the assessment with some product highlights creating an easy environment to set an appointment.  It works best when performed in person while providing the prospect with the information.  Below are instructions and a general script that can be used to provide the estimate.


EstimateFor each completed assessment with “YES” for questions 6 you will need to complete an Estimate Handout.  The numbers needed to fill the blanks are obtained from the Estimator Tables and the completed survey.

  • Retirement example @ $____ per month.
    • That number is on the estimator table in the first row in parentheses.  Just choose the number that corresponds with the weekly contribution (question #5) the prospect selected on the survey.  For example, if the prospect selected “$35 per week,” the number for the blank is “143”.
  • Your age is ___. At age 65 your nest egg can be $_______
    • For the first blank enter the prospects age.  For the second number use the estimator table.  Choose the nest egg value that matches the prospects age and the monthly contribution (question #5) from the survey.  For example, a 30-year-old male, choosing $35 per week, the nest egg would be $669,665.
  • If you don’t touch your nest egg, your monthly income for the rest of your life could be:  $_______
    • Choose the monthly value that matches prospects age and the monthly contribution (question #5) from the survey.  For example, a 30-year-old male, choosing $35 per week, the monthly would be $7,670.42.

Also make sure you write in the information in the box at the bottom of the page.

(Download the Estimate Handout)

(Download the Estimator Tables)



Hi (prospect), you were kind enough to complete a retirement assessment conducted by (surveyor name).  You indicated on the assessment that you wanted to receive an estimate.  I am here to provide you with that.

Now based on your selection of (answer on question 4 of survey), you prequalify for a plan that can provide you with a nest egg of (estimator table – nest egg) at age 65.  This could provide you a monthly income of (estimator table – monthly) for the rest of your life.

This is a unique cash accumulation plan.  If you were to get sick or hurt and can’t work, this would probably be the first thing that you would stop paying, so if you qualify, the plan provides protection benefits, so the (answer on question 4 on the assessment) a week is paid for you and your nest egg will still be there.

This plan also provides a college planning feature which helps your children, who are academically qualified, the ability to go to the college of their choice.

If this looks interesting to you, I would like to make an appointment to show you how the plan works and how I come up with these numbers.  It will take us about 15-20 minutes to work through the information (At this point you pull out your appointment book, set up an appointment with them.).

The Quick Quote Presentation is the system you use in your appointment to present the numbers, the plan, the product, and close the sale.

View the Retirement Income Calculator (RIC) Software in English

View the Retirement Income Calculator (RIC) Software in Spanish


Learn how the software works.

Watch this instruction video on how to utilize the software and its features.

WARNING:  If you have a hard time reading the text in the video you can click the “YouTube” button in the lower right hand corner of the player.  This will take you to YouTube where you can enlarge the video.  Once it is enlarged it will take 10-20 seconds for the resolution to improve.





Learn how to present with the software.

Watch this instruction video on how to present using the software.  Download the script and watch the video as many times as it takes to learn it.  This is the single most important step for writing business.

WARNING:  If you have a hard time reading the text in the video you can click the “YouTube” button in the lower right hand corner of the player.  This will take you to YouTube where you can enlarge the video.  Once it is enlarged it will take 10-20 seconds for the resolution to improve.

***We have an offline version you can use to present the numbers and the plan as well.

If the client does not have any questions then, move on to submitting the application.


In the event the client has some questions before enrollment, you can use the answers below.

How can $100 a month turn into that much?

This chart will show you an example of how the power of time and compounding interests works to grow money.

Time and Compounding Interest

How does the plan work?

brochure video

When you begin making your contributions, the money flows into the plan.  A portion goes to both the benefit and growth sides of the plan.  In the first year, your base plan growth is in a time deposit, this is like a 10-year bank CD.  The money goes in the first year and is then paid back to you in the 10th year at a 260% of the original value tax fee guaranteed, which is equivalent to a 10% growth rate.  Any additional contributions or overfunding of your plan will go into the annuity, which has a guaranteed rate of 3% with no fees, no minimums, no maximums and no surrender charges.  This means you have access to your money.

Beginning in the second year you get to choose where your money grows.  You can choose to let your money grow in the guaranteed annuity account, which I just described to you, or you can choose the service option, which allows you to send your money to an investment account of your choice.  If you do not have an account, we provide you access to a couple of top performing mutual funds with historical averages of over 12%.  At any point in time you can redirect your growth side money where ever you choose.

In the 10th year you have another choice.  You can stop all your contributions and let your money sit and grow, or you can stop the benefit side and continue the growth side, or your can continue your plan as is.  The great thing is it is up to you and you don’t have to make that decision now because there is now way to predict where you will be at that point in time.
Can I save a different amount?

Which one of these options best works for you?  The level one plans come with the early death and terminal illness coverage.  The level two plans add the critical illness and disability coverage.

What happens if I need to stop making my payments?

plan options

The plan is designed for a ten year commitment.  If for some reason you cannot complete the first ten years, then you can lose all or part of your first year time deposit.  Any funds you have accumulated in either of the growth options you will get to keep.

What company is this with?

Alliance of Companies

We believe what one company can do for you an alliance of companies can do better.  The companies involved came together to provide FreedomFlex, with all of its unique features, as a benefit to the American Associations of Government and Private Employees.

(Use the Alliance of Companies pdf to show them each company)

Do you have an example of someone who actually achieved the numbers on the quote?

Example Statement

While disclosing a client’s financial information is illegal, I can show you an example statement that has been redacted.  This person enrolled in a level one plan at the age of 20 and has had the plan for 16 years.

The FREEDOMFLEX® Forms Requirement Chart has been updated and must be followed based on the state you are writing in. Please refer to this chart when ordering supplies or writing in a new state that you may not be familiar with.

You will need to access the ISM website to find the updated version here and in the Agent Reference Manual.


applicationLearn how to fill out the application by following the instructions in this video.  You can also review one of the sample applications as a reference.  Make sure to use the quick sheets that matches the plan you are writing.

Policy delivery is essential to prevent a new client from canceling their policy.  A delivery receipt signed by the client is required to complete the transaction.

  1. Prepare a new policy illustration
  2. Organize their client folder for delivery
  3. Deliver the policy
Product Training
Become an expert on FreedomFlex by reviewing all of the information (explainer video, concept video, comparison chart, alliance of companies chart, unique features video on the product page.
Stay Current

Remain an expert by keeping up with the latest market information from our blog.

Back Office

The job can be performed using various computer, laptop or tablet combinations.  While we prefer to use iMac, MacBooks, and iPads, you can choose to use windows computers and android tablets as well.  In addition to a computer or tablet you will need a printer that has scanning capabilities.  You will also need to have access to the internet to utilize our system and software.


  1. Surface Pro 4
  2. MacBook Air 13-inch
  3. NextBook 10


  1. Printer (with scanning ability)


  1. Use phone for mobile hotspot
  2. Mobile hotspot

Our system can be run on different computer and tablet platforms and combinations.  Some are easier than others, but we are working to simplify all of them.  Below is the necessary software needed to run all software and perform all tasks of the job in each platform.


Microsoft Office 365 (Word and Excel)

Adobe Reader (To view PDF files)

Dropbox (File Sharing)

Google Chrome (web browser)


  • Mac users will also need – Crossover (you will need this to run the ISM software)