IUL – Friend or Foe

Nov 11, 15 • NewsNo Comments

23039feThere has been a lot of press lately about Indexed Universal Life Policies (IUL).  We have covered a couple of these stories in our recent blog posts.  In an effort to remove a veil that looms over these types of policies, we decided to answer some of the questions that are often asked about these policies.  Over the next 5 weeks we dig in and answer some serious questions.

Do IUL policies provide any guarantees?

Are you really protected with an IUL?

Will I actually achieve the growth they illustrate?

Who is taking the risk in an IUL policy?

What is a better alternative to an IUL?

We strive to bring you information that helps you make informed decisions about what products you recommend to your clients.  So any time during this series if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.







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