Myth 1: I can wait to start saving

Jul 23, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth1:  It is okay to start saving later in order to take care of my immediate needs now. Truth:  Do not fall into this faulty thinking that I can just start saving in a few years.  There are always competing expenses and needs no matter how old you are.  Every year you wait to start saving... Read More

Ready or Not… Here I come!

Jul 16, 13 • NewsNo Comments

No matter how far away on the horizon retirement seems, it is imperative you start planning and saving now.  The days of relying on social security and a company pension plan are as long gone and extinct as the dinosaur.  We now live in an economy that is every person for them-self. But it’s... Read More

Retirement Crisis

Apr 11, 13 • NewsNo Comments

“We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. In the decades to come, we will witness millions of elderly Americans, the Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal” for many... Read More

Special Thank You

Mar 19, 13 • NewsNo Comments

I want to thank all of you who wrote Freedomflex® business in 2012.  We want to help you write more.  For those of you who did not write Freedomflex® in 2012, I would like to know what kept you from doing so.  We are interested in your feedback, so please email or call me (Michael Phillips)... Read More

Small Investors Get No Respect!

Feb 14, 13 • NewsNo Comments

No respect for the average American.  This article is yet another example where the wealthy get preferential treatment.  The wealthy get access to high return investments with professional advice while the working class gets no access, no help and no respect. The greatest risk we all face is... Read More

Most Americans Unprepared for Retirment

Dec 27, 12 • NewsNo Comments

The FREEDOMFLEX market is growing… CNN reporting (click here) that the percentage of Americans with little or no savings for retirement grew for a third straight year.  This is proof that people just are not saving and accumulating money for retirement.  If you look at one of our recent blog... Read More

Employees Want Retirement Income.

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Employees say they are willing to give up 5-10% of their monthly income in order to have a guaranteed retirement income, based on recent Bank of America/Merrill Lynch research.  What a great opportunity this research reveals. FREEDOMFLEX is the answer to their guaranteed retirement income. Why?... Read More

American’s Worry About Financing Retirement!

Nov 6, 12 • NewsNo Comments

To read the news story click here. The current retirement crisis that we are reading about today should not surprise us.  The same type of studies 20 or 30 years ago revealed the same thing.  Many people just don’t get it or don’t want to.  Successful sports teams and players get it, as does... Read More

Return Of Premium.

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This is a concept that both agents and consumers love and our machine facilitates this on both fronts.  It gives the hardworking American access to something normally only available to the wealthy.  To the agent it provides a new commission on a product they never had access to.... Read More

More Money… or More Leads?

Oct 16, 12 • NewsNo Comments

We can provide you a machine that will allow you to work smarter not harder, by increasing your commission income without any addition leads.   Health agents everywhere had their commissions cut… so how do they make up for the loss?  Instead of working harder by going after more leads, work... Read More