Are Americans Ready To Save?

Jul 8, 14 • NewsNo Comments

In the throes of the Great Recession, lawmakers worked to pull the country out of the downturn by introducing stimulus intended to boost spending and lift demand for goods and services. Now some economic experts say it’s time for Americans to do just the opposite. continue reading…... Read More

Fears Grip Americans: “I don’t have enough”

Jul 1, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Americans are freaking out about their personal savings – and for good reason. A recent Gallup poll found that 59 percent of those surveyed were very or moderately worried they won’t have enough money for retirement – by far their biggest concern. continue reading… We have been... Read More

New Business Opportunity

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Are you tired of being just another insurance agent?  Did you sign on to do FreedomFlex because you wanted to do something different, but your never go the training you needed to be successful?  We have solved your problem.  Become a Retirement Planning Specialist using the new financial... Read More

New Sales Software

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Selling the FreedomFlex just got easier.  We have created new Retirement Income Analysis Software that simplifies retirement planning and separates you from the crowd. This software answers all the questions and closes the sale. To see the software click here  To learn about the software click... Read More

Myth 7: You can make it up later…

Oct 2, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth:  You will be able to make up a shortage in savings by retiring later or part time work during retirement. This type of thinking should only be considered as a last resort, not as a plan.  It is very unwise to rely on working in your 60’s or beyond.  Up to 40% of current retirees were... Read More

Myth 6: Set it and forget it…

Sep 26, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth:  Any retirement target-date fund is as easy as “set it and forget it”. Target-date funds are an exciting option.  These types of funds automatically adjust to more conservative type investments, as they get closer to retirement or target date.  But they often provide a false sense of... Read More

Myth 5: Bond Are Better Than Stocks…

Sep 17, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth 5:  Bonds are Better Than Stocks. Myth:  You should rely more on bonds than stocks as your get older. That common advice worked when retirements were much shorter not allowing inflation to wreak havoc on savings.  Experts now tell us we need to plan for 30-years of retirement, which changes... Read More

Myth 4: Early Social Security…

Sep 11, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth 4:  Early Social Security… Myth:  You can claim Social Security early and still get the full benefits. Social Security benefits are available at age 62 and will entitle you to monthly checks immediately.  You do have the ability to claim benefits early, but in doing this you will set your... Read More

Myth 3: You will need less…

Aug 13, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth:  You will need less money in retirement to maintain same standard of living. Now, not all retirement situations are the same.  So in some cases it may be true, but it could be a life-changing mistake if you count on it.  Studies done on current retirees found they spend just as much during... Read More

Myth 2: Medicare will cover it.

Aug 5, 13 • NewsNo Comments

Myth:  Medicare will take care of all my medical bills during retirement. Medicare only covers about half of the health care costs for those enrolled in the program.  For the cost of the other half, you guessed it; you are on your own.  This means that you will be paying for uncovered services... Read More