What retirement looks like if you wait to start saving.

Jun 3, 15 • NewsNo Comments

The Huffington Post published an article a few weeks back examining why putting off saving for retirement is a bad idea.  Recent statistics show that young people are waiting till their 30’s to begin funding their retirement.  This delay can be very costly mistake.  A recent poll discussed... Read More

A Retirement Assumption that is Flat Wrong!

May 26, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Last week we posted an article from USA Today about workers planning on working longer or even throughout retirement.  When you are 30 or 40 years old this may seem like a good idea, but wisdom and new statistics tell us otherwise. This assumption many younger workers are making, due to a lack... Read More

Traditional Retirement Possibly Becoming a Thing of the Past

May 21, 15 • NewsNo Comments

A recent USA Today article highlighted a recent study found that over 82% of workers age 60 and older plan to continue working past retirement, while 20% of workers all ages plan to work past retirement.  This information is not new, but it reiterates what we have been saying for 28 years.  If... Read More

Simple Cross-Sale Opportunity

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We specialize in working with insurance professionals because your clients are just like our clients. We will help you add retirement planning services to your business by utilizing our two step solution.  This will allow you to help your clients with something they desperately want and need,... Read More

5 things stopping you from saving money

Feb 5, 15 • NewsNo Comments

We know that Americans are just not saving enough for retirement and we have posted many articles on this blog referencing this issue.  This recent article in the USA Today does a great job of highlighting the behaviors behind this issue. Top 5 reason people do not save: Not keeping track Refusing... Read More

Online Business

Dec 18, 14 • NewsNo Comments

It’s a dawn of a new era with FreedomFlex.  We now have the ability for you to write business completely online. If you take a look at the last couple of blog posts you can see that people do not know how to calculate their retirement needs and are completely uneducated when it comes to... Read More

Retirement Illiteracy

Dec 16, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Another great article from USA Today Money section.  They reported on some new information on retirement planning literacy.  New studies found that the vast majority of American’s were illiterate when it comes to retirement. Among the highlights of the new report: Only 1 in 4 have a written... Read More

Retirement Advice from a Professional

Dec 11, 14 • NewsNo Comments

I just read a great article in USA Today on retirement planning.  The paper did a short Q & A with Lance Drucker, President and CEO of Drucker Wealth Management and a chartered financial consultant.  A couple of his answers jumped off the page at me since we have the same fundamental... Read More

To Baby Boomers: Exercise and Be Nice to Your Kids

Jul 22, 14 • NewsNo Comments

WASHINGTON — John Haaga, a senior official at the National Institute on Aging, offers a disquieting thought for baby boomers heading into their later years. “The best advice we can give people for old age is ‘Take a lot of long walks and have a lot of daughters and daughters-in-law.’”... Read More

The Crisis No One Is Talking About: Long-Term Care

Jul 15, 14 • NewsNo Comments

If you become disabled, you may face huge bills for daily help. And, no, Medicare doesn’t cover it. When you try to gauge the biggest risks to your financial security in retirement, health care costs usually top the list. But there’s even bigger danger that doesn’t get as much attention:... Read More